Reichert's Dairy Air: Fresh Cheese

Our cheese is available in different varieties and flavors. Due to seasonality of ingredients and time restrictions, all flavors are not always available, but I try to keep things as balanced and varied as possible. Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite cheese!


A plate of chèvre samples from Reichert's Dairy Air

Chèvre (SHEV-ruh) is a soft fresh cheese, often simply called "goat cheese." Chèvre is sold in 4-ounce biodegradable clear containers. Eat within 4-6 weeks from "batch #" date on package.

Dairy Air chèvre
Pure and simple, mild and melt-in-your-mouth creamy.

Roasted Red Pepper chèvre
My best-selling chèvre flavor. Roasted red peppers, fresh garlic and spices make a delicious spread available all season.

Chive chèvre
Pure comfort food. Fresh garlic chives are used to make this very popular flavor, available as long as the chives hold out. Divine when mixed into mashed potatoes!

Chipotle chèvre
Slightly spicy with a smoky finish. A nice change of pace available all season.

Stacks of packaged Reichert's Dairy Air Cracked Pepper Chèvre

Cracked Black Pepper chèvre
I grind whole peppercorns coarsely and add to Dairy Air chèvre for a classic flavor that pleases everyone.

Reichert's Dairy Air Cranberry Pecan Chèvre being packaged

Cranberry Pecan chèvre
A salty sweet treat that is my favorite flavor. It started out as a seasonal flavor but is so popular I make it year-round now.

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil chèvre
A classic Italian combination of flavors made when fresh basil is available.

Pesto chèvre
Ben's favorite flavor. I make classic pesto with basil, garlic, pine nuts and a good fruity olive oil and mix into plain chèvre. Available when I have plenty of basil!

Glazed and Infused chèvre
Made by infusing milk with fresh herbs, before making cheese. I layer it with a "glaze" of fruit preserve. This is a new method I developed last fall, and I hope to experiment with some new flavors this year. The favorite experimental flavor was Sage and Black Raspberry, with sage-infused chèvre over a layer of black raspberry all-fruit preserve. Gorgeous and sophisticated in flavor, it looks great inverted so the fruit is on top.


Feta (FEH-tuh, FAY-tuh) is a fresh Greek-style cheese sold in 4- to 6-ounce paper-wrapped slices. I use a dry salting method, so my feta is less salty than most commercial fetas. I like to eat it out of hand best, but it is delicious on pizza or tossed with hot pasta, and of course on salads. It will keep 6 weeks after "batch #" date on label.

Classic Feta
Pure and simple, one of the best fetas you will ever taste.

Salting slices of Reichert's Dairy Air Basil FetaBasil Feta curd, ready to be cut and salted

Basil Feta
Classic feta with fresh basil added as curd is ladled. I can never make enough to keep customers happy. Available when fresh basil is in season.

Chive Feta
Classic feta with fresh garlic chives added. The subtle chive flavor infuses the cheese. Beware, it is an addictive snack!