Reichert's Dairy Air: Our LaMancha and Nubian Goats

Our herd is comprised of LaMancha and Nubian dairy goats. We started with just Nubians, but fell in love with LaManchas once we got a few. The no-nonsense personality of this breed is just a better fit with a commercial dairy setup. Their unique feature is very small external ears, which makes them look earless. They may look a little funny, but their personalities will quickly win you over.

Nubians are a wonderful, quirky, LOUD breed of goat, and they always keep things interesting. Nubians are the DRAMA QUEENS of the goat world. That being said, there is nothing cuter than a newborn Nubian, with those ridiculously long ears...

In order to keep my herd numbers at a reasonable level, I have goats and kids for sale. Some would be considered good home milkers, but many of the LaManchas are of show quality. Contact us at info (at) reichertsdairyair (dot) com if you are interested in purchasing a quality, healthy dairy goat.